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Through Kontur´s network you can quickly reach more than 1000 conference facilities! You get proposals from all venues who match your budget and other requirements with a clear price comparison, customer judgements, situation map and many other details. Boom online in the proposal or get personal assistance from our competent and helpfull agents.

Here you can make a request online for your conference in Sweden. You get pricing with all cost items specified, an overview comparison of total cost per venue as well as a presentation of each alternative with description and pictures of the facility. Your request is not associated with any bindings or obligations. Read more about how we process your request
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  City is provided by Sweden's Nationwide Conference Agency Kontur Konferens AB in cooperation with more than 1000 Swedish conference venues. This service is jointly financed by these venues and is free of charge for you as a customer.

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How we handle your request
Based on your requirements we scan through our database with detailed information of more than 1000 venues and identify those who match your needs. Through our network we then check availability of every matching venue.

If you have noted one or several specific venues in your inquiry, you will get proposals from them an no other. If those venues are not available on your conference date, we will present other similar alternatives.

We do not add any surcharges, meaning we presents to you the exact price given by the venue.

Normally, you get proposals from us within a couple of hours (complex inquiries can take longer time to process). If you send us your inquiry outside office hour, we will start the case in the morning of nextcoming working day.

The presentation you get from us consists of:
Cost summary
Geographical overview on map
Detailed cost specification for each alternative
Facts about each venue; location, capacities, facilities, "character", other customers judgements.
Terms of cancellation
Contact details to our agent.

In order to keep presented venues available during your decision process, please let us know which ones are of interest so that we can reserve "first option" for you ("preliminary booking")

If you wish to see the venue in real before you decide, let us know and we will arrange a visit on site

You book either online i our presentation or on telephone or email.",
If you want to compare many alternatives? We can include all matching alternatives with availablility to accommodate your meeting.

For personal assistance, call us at +468-583 610 60 or email

Our booking service to you as a customer is free charge.
We have an agreement with all conference hotels, conference facilities and congress centers in Sweden that finance this network operation jointly. When the conference booking is complete, you will take all further planning for your conference in direct dialogue with the facility.

We present net prices from - no premiums or surcharges
The customer's request, responses from venues and pricing are dealt with completely transparently. We present the prices to you as set by the facilities. The agreement regarding the conference booking is concluded between the facility and the customer company. Kontur Konferens´role is to provide you with a knowledgeable, independent point of contact to the conference market, thereby helping you streamline, coordinate and quality assure your procurement.

Describe your requirements and wishes for the conference, such as geographic location, size needs, type of meeting, what style you want, any conference activities and other events, as well as your budget frameworks. Based on all these criteria, we conduct search and present appropriate options with the required capacity available. We provide advice and references to proposed facilities - and we assist with the complete booking.

Book at the best price
The cost of a conference varies greatly over time. Pricing may vary from one week to the next depending on factors such as occupancy, availability, and choice of weekdays.

Our system reaches the entire network with more than one thousand participating facilities and means that we can quickly and efficiently “scan” the available facilities and get their best prices.

You will get an overview of the total cost as well as all items specified for each facility that offers the desired capacity, right geographical location, right "style" etc. - all according to your group's specific needs.

If your conference is not definitively set for certain dates, we can assist you with proposals that have an extra good price for a certain week or dates. Through our network, our booking team can find facilities that offer special discounts, for example based on a recent received cancellation – something that can give a significantly discounted price.

Activities, entertainment, transport and administration
Kontur Konference can provide you with all services in the entire conference project. From early planning, program design, procurement of artists, activities and transport solutions – to on-site assistance during the conference.